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Football Necklace

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Airborne diseases prevention necklace



The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster, your Airborne diseases prevention badge assists in helping to make your ordinary face mask more efficient to almost 99%!

Click here to see the laboratory results.

Can kill up to 98% of germs, viruses, and bacteria, that it comes in contact with, up to a 3 feet area.

It has shown to be assisting in defending against allergies from pets, dogs, and cats.

Made by KW Technology, the FDA registered manufacturer.

This product developed using KW Technology, Patent ISil-Chlor Technology. This state of the art technology used Quantum Computing as a tool in the development of this airborne diseases prevention device.

Directions: Tear open the package. Remove pouch. If using with a necklace, attach the pouch to the necklace by using the pinch clip. Tighten necklace to bring pouch close to the chin. If used with collar or blouse clip, stick tape to clip. Clip to the collar, shirt, or blouse.

The 1 Virus Buster will be less effective in windy or wet conditions. Best when used indoors. You can also place a pouch on your car’s mats for killing viruses and bacterias carried by your feet.

Safety Information

The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster can be used

* Schools, Offices, Bus, Subway, Airplanes,

* Markets, Malls, Sporting Events,

* Restaurants & Crowded Areas.

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